You said you were afraid of losing me and then you faced your fear and left.
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A gun or knife or pills would be wonderful right now.

No such thing as that one guy for you its all bullshit

Do you even care anymore or are you ao selfish about your wishes that you close me out. Forcing myself to worry and I cant even do anything to help it. I just get lost and hurt. Im going to lose this and regret it all

Fuck this whole love thing. Most of its tears and pain anyway. When you have nobody and you feel alone they are suppose to be there instead they end up caysing the pain and showing you how “important” you are to them. Yeah okay what a joke…..

I swear fucking up is what I major at. Why cant I just stop?

Im really losing it and im tired of it

Tired of this

The fact I have to tell you that getting pictures of that is messed up pisses me off.